Frequently Asked Questions

Is a House Call right for you?

When getting to the doctor’s office or hospital is difficult because you:

  • Can’t get out of the house, or feel too sick to drive.
  • Want more privacy and personalized attention.
  • Want to avoid exposure to other sick people.

If you are dependent on friends, family or commercial transportation to get to or from medical appointments, or “Homebound” (see FAQ about “leaving the home would require a considerable and taxing effort”), we can help! Our Nurse Practitioners come to your home and provide medical services normally providedi n the doctor’s office. Mobility is no longer a reason to compromise your continuity of care.

Our goal is to keep you healthier by really getting to know you and seeing you regularly. Thanks to new technology , we are able to perform more tests and procedures in our patient’s home including:

  • Treat chronic conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure, or asthma
  • Treat acute illnesses like strep throat, flu, and eye and ear infections.
  • Provide health promotion activities like sleep hygiene and ‘falls’ prevention.
  • Have prescriptive privileges

Is a Nurse Practitioner right for you?

Nurse Practitioners (NPs) have been around since 1965, and are the best kept secret in healthcare. Most NPs do not work for themselves, so chances are you have met an NP in a physician’s office.

Nurse practitioners are trained in schools of nursing, which focus on the human response to illness, providing a holistic approach to health care. Nurse practitioners take into consideration your habits, lifestyle, personality and family involvement and encourage the patient and their family to participate in decisions. NPs make prevention, wellness, and patient education priorities which can mean fewer prescriptions and less expensive treatments.

With the high patient satisfaction documented in research over the last 40 years, Nurse Practitioners are the future of primary care.

Nurse Practitioners are Part of Your Team

  • Work alongside your personal physician.
  • All medical records can be forwarded to your personal physician, at your request.
  • Assure high-level in continuity of care.
  • Can be active in patient advocacy